What We Do

Our mission is developing people. We do this mainly through building a network of Juniper Associates.

Our focus is on supporting young people who wish to pursue a commercial role and who are preparing for that at university, college or through apprenticeships. We believe that developing people for and in the commercial sector is a powerful means of positive individual and social impact.

We select a small number of individuals who work with us on bespoke development plans to build their knowledge and skills, expand their networks and give them opportunities to experience different work types and places. We are especially interested in those who have faced financial, social or personal challenges.

Our Juniper Associates are supported by us, and will support each other, in the long term, throughout their careers.

We identify our Associates mainly through trusted partners. Our lead partner is The Robertson Trust, which runs an extensive scholarship programme.  We do not accept unsolicited applications.

Alongside this work, as part owners of The Juniper Companies Ltd we intend to have wider impact. Over time our ownership interest will create create a sustainable funding stream for
The Juniper Trust and will allow it to participate in the real economy.

Business ownership by charities is not new: many larger charities and especially foundations hold shares in commercial companies. This is typically a means of generating income through dividends that is then used to deliver direct charitable activities. However, we believe that we can also use our ownership stake to encourage businesses to build the organisational conditions where people can flourish, generating further positive individual and social impacts.

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Our History

The Juniper Trust was founded in Scotland in 2018. Our name is inspired by the juniper communis bush, a slow-growing, long-living evergreen plant native to Scotland and most common in The Highlands. Juniper produces berries and can grow on both acid and alkaline soil. We like these organic qualities and the idea that development is both known in general and unknown in particular, depending on the conditions to which it is exposed.

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We work primarily through established partnerships and do not accept unsolicited applications.
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